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Governing Board Annual Report

July 2018

The Governing Board provides both support and challenge to the schools.  We are tasked with three core functions: Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the schools and pupils; Overseeing the financial performance of the schools and ensuring that financial resources are well spent.

Our effectiveness in achieving these functions is evaluated by Ofsted and during visits we are held to account as much as the schools.  We had a very positive Ofsted visit to Ellingham in July with the report concluding that “Members of the governing body know the school well. They are committed to ensuring that pupils receive an aspirational education. They provide the necessary support and challenge to school leaders “.  She also noted that “The school offers an exciting and innovative curriculum that inspires pupils to learn. Teachers make the most of the school’s considerable outside spaces to provide pupils with experiences that broaden their knowledge and understanding. Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and conduct around the school are good. Pupils are friendly, respectful of each other and are polite and well mannered. Relationships between adults and pupils are warm, nurturing and very effective.”

We meet as a Full Governing Board at least six times annually while each of our two committees (Finance and Steering) also meet six times a year.  As well as these meetings Governors visit the schools regularly during the school day in order to monitor different aspects of school life.  In reviewing the way that the schools work, the Governors have gained a huge respect for staff at the schools and recognise the high levels of skill, effort, professionalism and care for the children that we see on a regular basis.

We would like to thank the Head Teacher and all staff for their continued commitment to the success and wellbeing of all pupils in the schools.

A list of current Governors and their roles can be found on the website as well as being displayed in the school entrances.

The Governors are also grateful for the efforts of the two PTAs who have continued to raise much needed funds for the schools.  The fundraising this year has, amongst other things, paid for a software package to support PSHE teaching, which provides progressive lesson plans to incorporate the teaching of emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development.

You will by now be aware that we have received notice from Charlotte Whyte that she will be leaving at the end of the Autumn term.  Whilst we respect and support Charlotte in her decision and wish her well she will be greatly missed.  She has worked tirelessly to ensure that the two schools have reached the high standards that they have achieved and can be confident that she will be leaving them both in a strong and stable state, ready to move forward onto the next stage.

As Governors we all remain proud of being associated with two successful, vibrant and friendly schools and are committed to ensuring that each pupil flourishes academically, socially and spiritually whatever their strengths and aspirations.  We always welcome feedback from parents and carers, staff and members of the community so do feel free to get in touch with us through either school office.

Charlotte Carter
Chair of Governors