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Due to Covid-19, Woodton Primary is currently closed and Ellingham VC Primary is currently only open for parents of Key Workers for both schools.

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Year 5

Activities for Year 5 Children

Activities for home





Write a futuristic setting description


  • Use this work-bank and a thesaurus ( you can do this on-line).

Swallows Word Bank Futuristic Settings

  • Use images below to help you (if you click on them they get bigger).

Remember to link your sentences using connectives and prepositional phrases.

Write a Science Fiction Story


  • Read extracts : The Arrival, Killer alien description, Alien Landing, Starwars . Google: Si-Fi- Literacy Wagoll
  • Pobble 365 http://www.pobble365.com/
    • The Visitor (April 24th)
    • The Invasion (Feb 4th)Think about the necessary features to include:

Think about the necessary features to include:

  • Set in the future, in space or another planet.
  • Has characters or creatures from another world or time.
  • Include imaginary, futuristic technology and terminology.
  • A dilemma (not necessarily a resolution.)
  • Not chronological-Start in the middle of the action, then work backwards to fill in detail.
  • Build suspense with short sentences.
  • Use dialogue to create atmosphere and move the story along.
  • Show characters’ emotions – fear of the unknown.
  • Cliffhangers…

Alien Storyboard

Plan and design a story-board for a short animation.

The animation could be set on another planet, or about aliens invading Earth.

Keep your design simple- with 6 shots and backgrounds.

Think about the resources you would need to make characters and scenery and any sound effects, you would use.


  • Watch: A Grand Day Out – Wallace and Grommit on YouTube to give you some ideas.

Virgin Galactic Writing Activity

thumbnail of Virgin Galactic Writing Plan


The Space Race

Research and write a chronological report and create an illustrated timeline

Useful websites:






Design, plan and make a Moon-buggy using recycled materials.

Think about the surface of the moon and lack of gravity. (Friction and Forces)

Try your buggy out on different surfaces.

Paper Aeroplanes

thumbnail of Paper Aeroplane


Please find attached some French learning from Mrs Wells.

Year 5 French