At Ellingham and Woodton we believe that a child’s time at school should be Inspiring, Challenging and Nurturing.  We recognise that our early experiences play a key role in shaping our future so it is vital to ensure our children are given all the necessary skills to become socially and emotionally competent.

A nurturing ethos is fundamental to all our teaching however, there may be occasions when our pupils need additional support to develop their confidence and resilience.  At these times we are able to support children with bespoke Nurture sessions where they are able to develop their social and emotional skills.  These sessions are eagerly anticipated by the children as they consist of a variety of fun, esteem building activities such as cooking, creative crafts, game playing and mindfulness.  Central to these sessions is the opportunity to talk, share and empathize with other children as well as the nurturing care of our fully trained staff.