Parent Information

Did you know that Norfolk County Council has a Families Information Service?  They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help parents and carers support their child.  Click on the link below to access information, advice and useful contacts.

Families Information Service

Parent Consultations

We hold consultations twice each year, when parents are invited to discuss their child’s work and progress with the Class teachers.  These evenings are organised on an appointment system, and we try to give at least a fortnight’s notice in the Newsletter.

At the consultation you will have the benefit of a written report, which is compiled by the class teacher following the Local Authority guidelines.

We also hold an additional consultation session for parents of Year R children, once they have settled in to the schools.

We hope that every parent feels that they can come and talk to the staff about their child’s work, health or happiness. Minor matters can usually be mentioned quickly when you collect your child, but for matters requiring more time, please make an appointment.


Each year the schools have a production which is often a grand affair and is sometimes linked to the class topics.  Parents and family are invited to the productions which normally take place in the evening.
Refreshments are provided by the P.T.A on these occasions.

Trips and Outings

During the year, whole or part day visits will be made to places of interest as part of the children’s normal work in school.  We consider the experience gained during such visits to be vital to children’s development and that they provide stimuli unobtainable at school.  Such visits are normally funded by voluntary contributions from parents.

In the past outings have included Norwich Castle , The Dinosaur Park, The East Coast and Africa Alive.  Parent volunteers are often needed for school trips, so please let us know if you are free to help.

The cost of trips and outings is often subsidised by the P.T.A.

Voluntary Contributions

Prior to any school visit, parents will be advised by letter of the cost per child.  This cost will include travel, entrance fees, insurance, materials and equipments, and should an instructor be engaged for the activity, the cost of this will include the element of board and lodging.

Parents will be requested to meet the full cost of the child in respect of the visit on a voluntary basis.  The trip will only go ahead if sufficient support is forthcoming.  Parents covered by the Charging Policy (a full copy of the Charging Policy can be viewed in the school office) will be exempt from the above charges.

You are advised to discuss any problems over payments for school visits with the Headteacher, as it may be that we can direct you to help that may be available.

Charges for Practical Subjects

Charges may be made in respect of materials for practical subjects e.g. food technology where parents have indicated in advance a wish to receive the finished product.

Charging Policy

Remission of charges will apply only to those pupils whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit and only in respect of board and lodging charges where these are levied directly by the LEA or the school and where they relate to activities deemed to take place wholly or partly in school hours.  Remission will not apply to charges when they relate to activities wholly outside school hours.

Special Educational Needs

Most children will, at some time or another have a problem with some part of the curriculum.  When necessary extra help is given either by the class teacher or another member of staff.

Occasionally we may need to seek advice from the County’s Educational Psychology Service or Special Needs Advisory team.  We always involve parents at an early stage if this occurs.  We have an ‘open’ policy at our schools and, just as we expect to contact you if we suspect a problem, then if you are ever worried about your child’s progress, we expect you to contact us.

Gender Stereotyping and Equal Opportunities

Our schools concur with the Norfolk County Policy, and this mean that girls and boys are given equal opportunities in all subjects.

The Equal Opportunities policy is available from the school office.