Adnams – Vegi Tale

Adnams Brewery Working with Woodton Primary School

Woodton Primary school are involved with a new project, with Adnams Brewery, where our KS2 children are building up an allotment to grow food which can be sold and the profits reinvested to buy new seeds and pots.

The project is called Food for Thought and gets the children to look at how to grow our own food which can then be used by the brewery for cooking. The project involves the children looking into the best products to grow, writing letters to persuade companies to donate plants and equipment, create advertising to sell the products locally, as well as design and keep spreadsheets on how much has been spent and sold. To support the children in getting this project started Siobhan Eke from Adnams has been coming into the school to work with the children and help them set up the business.

The children have named the company Vegi-Tales and have designed posters and are getting ready to plant their first crops. They have decided that they need to feed the soil to ensure the crops grow well and have allocated jobs out for each group.

Notcutts have donated soil for our first project and we are grateful to them as this has allowed us to improve the soil ready to plant our first crops.

As a school we already had some fruit trees and bushes and we have used the summer crop to help us get the project underway. The first crop of blackcurrants were picked and were sent to an Adnams pub in Southwold to use in their cooking. This gave the children £60 to put into the funds for plants and more soil.

We then had a wonderful crop of apples, pears and tomatoes which had to be checked and weighed. We were then delighted to see the first lorry arrive to collect the fruits to be taken to the restaurants.

Preparing the ground for our new crops ready to be sold to Adnams next season.

It is important to plan for suitable crops which not only can we grow but those which will be good for the restaurants to use.

The children are enjoying the work and here is what they have to say:

“I’m learning to be a gardener.”

“Next time I would like to get even more muddy”

“We learnt that an Ice-burg lettuce won’t fit on a plate.”

“We learnt that getting muddy is not so bad and that you can sell loads of blackcurrants to raise money.”

“We are learning to make a business.”

“We could be World Wide famous!”