Our Aims

Our overriding aim is for maths to be enjoyable, fulfilling and challenging.

We aim to provide a high quality mathematics curriculum, which allows the children to develop the skills they require for everyday life. Maths teaching enables pupils to reason mathematically and to build an appreciation of the power of mathematics, as well as to develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

We follow The National Curriculum Mathematics programme of study. The programmes of study are organised into distinct domains, within each year group. There are clear sets of objectives for Years 1 to 6. This programme provides teachers with the flexibility to make connections within mathematical ideas and across a range of other subjects in order to make the learning relevant. Children are taught reasoning, fluency in number and mental calculation and competence when solving problems.

During their learning journey with us, we teach children to design and solve their own problems - individually, in pairs or in groups - and move on with the level of challenge at least once within each lesson. We discuss their achievements and next steps continuously and at the end and beginning of each lesson.

Our maths teaching encompasses a continual dialogue with the children where we assess with the children what their next level of challenge will be and how they could meet this. If gaps in knowledge occur or pupils request coverage of an area we  cover them through warm up activities or lesson.

We follow the CPA approach where the pupils use a variety of CONCRETE resources initially when each new strategy is introduced followed by PICTORIAL representation using bar modelling, empty number lines and other strategies and finally ABSTRACT methods where the children can move towards more formal methods of calculation.