Chairs' Message

Welcome from the Governors

by Diane Perry-Yates, Chair of Governors

On behalf of the Governing Board, I am delighted to welcome you to Ellingham VC and Woodton Primary Schools Federation. As Chair of the Governing Board, I am very privileged to be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking Federation and proud of its ongoing achievements. I am also fortunate to be working with a professional and dedicated team of governors, to ensure that the children flourish in a safe and well-grounded environment. Fundamental to the success of the Federation is the Christian ethos and values which are at the heart of everything we do.

As a Federation, Ellingham and Woodton are an integral part of their communities, and we are proud of the warm welcome they give to all pupils, carers, grandparents, and visitors to the schools.

Underpinning this are the Governing Board who are a committed team tasked with providing the strategic vision for the improvement and development of the Federation. Our main role is to work with the Federation to ensure all children are equipped with the wisdom, knowledge, and skills to embrace and achieve their potential. The Governing Board have three main functions which are:

  1. Working with a talented group of governors to provide strategic direction for the school and its pupils.
  2. Working with the Headteacher to ensure that all children do the best they can and that all staff are supported and trained, to work with them towards our vision which is ‘To love our neighbour, enabling everyone to flourish and reach their full potential’.
  3. Making sure the school finances are well spent and targeting resources that best help the children.

The Board work collaboratively with the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure all pupils receive the very best education and they do this through a variety of methods which include monitoring the aims and objectives set by the Governing Board; attending Full Governing Board meetings at least six times a year; and regularly monitoring the financial status of the Federation. All governors are linked to a particular area of interest which they monitor on a regular basis. To achieve this, governors visit the schools regularly to see for themselves how well the schools are performing and attend assemblies, functions, and other school activities. Most importantly governors talk to the children and parents to gain a robust and open view of the Federation.

Our governors come from a range of backgrounds, local and a wider community, which provides a range of skills important to any Governing Board. No one individual has single power; decisions are made as a group. However, we could not do our job without the expertise of the Headteacher and her team. We are not responsible for the internal organisation, management and control; this is the responsibility of the Headteacher, and it is only through her dedication and that of her team, supported by a shared vision that children can progress to and achieve the absolute best they can.

At the heart of everything we do for the children’s learning is our Federation vision and values:

“To love our neighbour, enabling everyone to flourish and reach their full potential”.





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