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Willows' Poem of Welcome

We Welcome Everyone

If you are new in the school, we will say hello.

If you need a friend, we will be there.

If you are sad, we will cheer you up.

If you make mistakes, we will help you.

If you are smiling, we will smile with you.

Willows Class

June 2022

Tree of Welcome

Tree of Welcome

We participated in Refugee Week 2022.  The week began with a whole school assembly.  We learnt about what it means to be a refugee and why people may become a refugee.  As a school, we thought about how we could be a place of sanctuary for people, whether they are refugees or people needing a place of safety.  In class we thought about what refugees can bring to our communities and how we can support people in need.

walk 1

As part of our learning about refugees, we followed the path of Amal.  Amal is a puppet who represents a refugee child who walked from Syria to England.  In each city or village she passed through in Europe, she was welcomed by different communities.  We decided to carry out a sponsored walk to raise money for a local charity, New Routes in Norwich.  We planned routes around Woodton and Ellingham that would take in different terrains, and as we walked we thought about how it would feel to be a child refugee.  Across the federation, we raised £495.

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