At Ellingham and Woodton Primary Schools every child matters. We maintain every child’s right to education and recognise the diverse educational needs within our community. We believe it is our duty to offer that provision where we can, to foster inclusion and provide full educational access.

We try to ensure that all barriers to equal access in our schools are removed or overcome. We monitor and track progress of all children so that the support provided is as effective as possible. We welcome the full engagement of parents and carers and where necessary seek support and advice from specialists outside school to ensure we develop and maintain a range of flexible resources to meet the needs of all our children.

The local authority and other services must set out a Local Offer of all services available to support children who are disabled or who have special educational needs and their families. The local offer will enable families to understand what services they can access and what support they can expect from a range of local agencies, including from the local authority, health services, schools, leisure services and the voluntary sector. The offer will include provision from birth to 25, across education, health and social care. Norfolks Local Offer can be found at

This statement below forms Ellingham and Woodton’s local offer in terms of what we can offer children with SEND in or via the school. This includes how we can provide access to other organisations, but more specifically what support the schools will offer directly to pupils and parents.

Useful Links

Norfolk SEND Partnership – helping children and families with SEND

ASD Helping Hands – a local support group for families and individuals affected by an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Sleep East – offers counselling and workshops to families affected by children struggling to sleep.
Joy Bishop 01692 402240

Irlen East – information about Irlen Syndrome which affects  a person’s sight

Dyslexia Action – a website full of information regarding Dyslexia.

Norfolk SEN Network – assisting parents with special educational needs

Norfolk County Council Local Offer website link to various SEND Newsletters;